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5 Reasons To Choose our Menstrual Cramp Oil

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Hempstrol is committed to serving our clients the highest-grade organic Hemp Seed Oil blends with Essential Oils. Our Hemp Seed Oil is derived from hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant which has legal status in India. Hemp Seed Oil is a Super Carrier Oil and works effectively on health care when blended with an Essential Oil. Lavender has been used since ages in Aromatherapy and has proven to combat P.M.S. History says that Queen Victoria used Cannabis to get rid of menstrual cramps. 


Organic Approach Towards Healing 

Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Relief is a blend of cold-pressed Lavender and Hemp Seed Oil extracted in the best hygienic conditions inside a certified setup. It is chemical-free and is 100% natural.


Pharmaceutical Free 

Consuming pharmaceutical drugs can help you in the short run, but regular consumption does affect your health in the long run. Our Menstrual Cramp Oil is for application and will support you in maintaining a healthy Uterus.


No Side Effects 

Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil is easy to use and will not have any side effects. It is not mixed with anything unnatural and comes in the purest form. 


Top Quality Plant Extractions 

Hempstrol's policy is to only use top quality plants for making products. Plant Health is a serious topic at Hempstrol and only the best healthy plants are finalised.


Natural Aromatherapy 

Lavender Oil is known for its aromatherapeutic properties which elevate the mood and brings anxiety to relief. You would notice the positive difference when applied. 



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