Are you aware of Packaging Waste Pollution?

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Are you aware of Packaging Waste Pollution? 

It is the fancy packaging which comes with any product. Most of the packaging is made of Plastic. The truth is that all this packaging goes to waste. 

To solve the issue of Packaging Waste Pollution we created a package that can be utilised during the time our product is used and also make sure that our oil bottles are safe. Also, we wanted to make sure that our packaging comes in handy to you after the product is consumed. 

Jute Potli Bags were the answer to this problem. Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. This Jute Potli Bag will keep your bottle of oil safe and can be used later too. 

For our masks, we are using an Organic Recycled Paper to package the masks. The Organic Recycled Paper is designed in such a manner that can stay in your bag and you can always put back the mask in after using it. 

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