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Hempstrol Global Shipping Assurance

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Hempstrol is India's Premiere Hemp Company with a motive to serve its global clientele with utmost perfection. 

We have partnered with the Department Of Post, India which is a government entity and has a vast global network and have availed the facility of Speed Post. 

We assure you that your order is INSURED, just to make sure that even if it goes missing in transit, you do not have to worry. Our products are fully insured and in any circumstances where it goes missing from transit, we will send you another package from our end. We believe that our customer should be protected and his money should never go to waste. 

Our global customers can only pay for their order on the website and receive their packages through Speed Post. Currently, we are serving 31 countries globally and if you do wish to order in a country that is not available here, please feel free to contact us on connect@hempstrol.com or on our WhatsApp business number +919509828831

Here is the list of the countries that we deliver to and the time Department Of Post, India takes to reach. Also, we have selected Delivery In Person just to make sure that your order reaches in your hands. 

Shop with Confidence with India's Premier Hemp Company, Hempstrol. 




       DIP - Delivery In Person                


USA  Speed Post (DIP)  4 - 7 Days 
Australia Speed Post (DIP) 4 - 9 Days
Mexico Speed Post (DIP) 10-15 Days 
Canada  Speed Post (DIP)  5-9 Days
Spain Speed Post (DIP)  4-8 Days
France Speed Post (DIP)  4-8 Days
Germany Speed Post (DIP)  4-8 Days
Brazil Parcel (DIP)  10-15 Days 
South Africa Speed Post (DIP) 6-9 Days
New Zealand Speed Post (DIP) 4-9 Days
Singapore Speed Post (DIP) 3-6 Days
Nepal Speed Post (DIP) 3-7 Days
Sri Lanka    Parcel (DIP) 10-15 Days 
Thailand Speed Post (DIP)  3-6 Days
Uruguay Parcel (DIP) 10-15 Days
Switzerland    Speed Post (DIP) 4-8 Days
Norway  Speed Post (DIP) 4-8 Days
Trinidad &Tobago  Parcel (DIP) 10-15 Days
South Korea  Parcel (DIP) 10-15 Days
Japan Speed Post (DIP)

3-7 Days

United Kingdom    Speed Post (DIP) 2-6 Days
Israel Speed Post (DIP) 4-9 Days
Portugal Speed Post (DIP) 4-9 Days
Netherlands      Speed Post (DIP) 4-8 Days
Italy    Speed Post (DIP) 4-8 Days
Peru Parcel (DIP) 10-15 Days
Poland Speed Post (DIP) 5-9 Days
Croatia Parcel (DIP) 10-15 Days 
Greece Speed Post (DIP) 5-9 Days
Columbia Parcel (DIP) 10-15 Days 




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