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Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil 100 ML

  • Source : Indo Himalayas
  • Carrier Oil : Hemp Seed Oil
  • Essential Oil : Himalayan Lavender Oil
  • Bottle Size : 100 ml Amber Glass Bottle
  • Packaging : Biodegradable Jute Potli Bags
  • This Oil Is Non-Sticky and is 100% Vegan
  • Not For Consumption, Only Physical Application.
₹ 1499


This Oil Is Non-Sticky and is 100% Vegan Not For Consumption, Only Physical Application.

Use immediately whenever the pain starts to begin.

Pour 10-15 drops on abdomen and waistline area and massage gently for 3 to 5 minutes.

Why do Natural Aromatherapy Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil work on Menstrual Cramps?


Aromatherapy with Himalayan Lavender Oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the nervous system easing the inflammation relieving period pain. The aroma brings the psychological, mental and physical symptoms to a relief. Order Now Menstrual Cramp Oil Get up to 20% Off

According to Jennifer Stagg, MD, a naturopathic physician and founder of the Whole Health Wellness Center in Avon, Connecticut. “Lavender is thought to affect the prostaglandins that mediate pain and uterine contractions.” Lavender oil’s strength to lessen contractions makes it the best essential oil for menstrual cramps.

Therapeutic Hemp Seed Oil is a supercarrier oil that has numerous benefits associated with it. Hemp Seed Oil has Magnesium and Research recommends that people experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may be able to alleviate symptoms such as bloating by ensuring adequate absorption of magnesium. Hemp Seed Oil is rich in Gamma-Limonic Acid (GLA), an Omega 6 Fatty Acid Body that regulates body balance hormones thus reducing cramping and pain during menstruation.


Our products are NOT MADE IN CHINA. We have developed technologies to extract the best oil and fabrics only in India and the USA at the moment. Hemp Industry is one where 'YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR' and we are committed to bringing only top quality hemp products for you.

Hempstrol believes that charity is humanity. All our products are associated with a Social Conscious Solution. Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil is associated with Period Poverty under the initiative "Be A Good Woman". Every bottle of Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil bottle contributes a packet of 5 sanitary pads to a woman with no access to menstrual hygiene. The socially conscious initiative is printed on the bottle, every product has a unique charity associated with it.

If you have any other further questions please feel free to write us on connect@hempstrol.com

Menstrual Hygiene is what a woman deserves the most. It is mostly associated with buying the right sanitary pads, tampons and pharmaceutical medicines. But, you very well know the side effects of pharmaceutical medicines. For Hempstrol, Menstrual Hygiene is complete care of your uterus. Staying away from side effects can save you from developing cancer in your uterus and Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil comes here to make sure that you stay pain-free in your period with no side effects.

You do not need any medical prescription to buy it. If you're looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs then Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil is the best way to go ahead.

Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil does not cause any irritation to skin. During our test phase, no respondents reverted saying they had a skin infection or irritability.

No, this oil would not stain your clothes as it is non-sticky and absorbs directly in your skin. You can apply the oil and make sure that you keep continuing your daily work in peace.

You can easily use Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Oil from a minimum of 4 periods. This figure can also go up depending on your usage which depends on person to person.

No, this oil is for application purpose. For consumption, we have the Hemp Extract. You can find more about it in our shop.

No, we have tested this product thoroughly and we say that none of the people who used this product during the test phase complained of any side effects.

Hemp seed oil is rich in magnesium which is very important for a woman menstruating. Proper intake of magnesium keeps the body cramp free and the best way to take magnesium is by an application. It is also rich in GLA which controls body balance hormones thus bringing menstruation cramps to relief. Lavender Oil brings in the aroma that makes sure that your mood swings come to a rest.

Our Hemp Seed Oil and Lavender Oil is extracted through a cold-press process.

No, there are no other harmful chemicals present in the Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil.

Whenever you start getting the first initial symptoms of Menstrual Cramps, make sure you apply 10 to 15 drops on your abdomen area and massage gently for 2 to 3 minutes. Once applied you would feel the aroma coming to you, this will help you counter with P.M.S

Natural Aromatherapy is the science which involves smelling various essentials oils for the benefits one receives after it enters our body with our breathing process. Lavender Oil blended with Hemp Seed Oil will bring you a fresh smell that will uplift your mood and help you to cope with P.M.S.

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We source Hemp Seed Oil from Uttarkhand in the Indo Himalayas and Lavender Oil is sourced from Kashmir also in the Indo Himalayas. These fields are government licensed.