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Natural Hemp Aromatherapy Care Pack

Gift your loved ones with the complete care from our ' Natural Hemp Aromatherapy ' Range.

Package Includes: Athletic Care , Migraine & Cold, Hair Root Health and Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil.

Source: Indo Himalayas

Packaging: Biodegradable Jute Potli Bags

This Oil Is Non-Sticky and is 100% Vegan

Not For Consumption, Only Physical Application

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₹ 1999


Hempstrol Athletic Care works instantly on Redness, Swelling, Pain, Stiff Muscles, Joint Pains.

You can apply this oil after intense gym sessions, on-ground training sessions or post workout on your muscles that have become stiff. This helps your body to develop more flexibility and agility. A massage with a few drops on your muscles will regulate the flow of the blood in that particular area thus helping you keep a fit and flexible body. Click on link to read more about this oil.


Migraine and Cold Relief will always keep your headaches away and your nose sneeze-free. The rich abundance of Magnesium and Menthol in this magical oil is the perfect balance you need to get rid of migraines and severe headache. Did you know magnesium has the potency to heal migraines by 41.6%? 

Our Himalayan Hemp Seed Oil is rich in Magnesium which when blends with Himalayan Peppermint Oil works instantly on stopping headaches. Peppermint is rich in Menthol which brings a cooling effect on your head and eases pain. 

The other particular feature of this oil is in the treatment of a cold. Just a few drops on your Nostril and Chest Area will keep congestion at bay. Click on link to read more about this oil.


Hair Root Health oil can be used for hair thickness, hair growth, improve cellular generation, strengthen roots and keep your hair moisturised. 

Hempstrol Root Health is the alternative 100% organic medicine needed for a perfect hair care routine.  

Say no to chemicals with Hempstrol's Natural Aromatherapy range! Click on link to read more about this oil.


Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Relief oil is a rich Aromatherapy with Himalayan Lavender Oil that has strong anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the nervous system, easing the inflammation and relieving from period pain. The aroma brings the psychological, mental and physical symptoms to a relief. Click on link to read more.

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