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Premium Full Spectrum CBD, inspired by the goodness of Mother Earth

Mother Earth has blessed us with its most essential herb for healing. Our Hemp Plants are harvested on the right time and grown indoor to ensure plant diseases stay away. 

We are Hempstrol

India's Premier Socially Conscious Hemp Company. One of the most reliable online CBD oil stores in India.We have a team of experienced extractors that have been in the Hemp industry for 25 years and know the insights on developing therapeutic ingredients in a Hemp plant popularly known as Cannabinoids which is responsible for many cures.  

Our belief is to develop sustainable products derived from only top Quality Therapeutic Hemp. We are working on a model which works towards building a creditable Hemp Industry in India which is at par with Global Standards. Our focus also lies in building a bridge between the United States of America and India while strengthening the relationship between the two superpowers with the super plant Hemp.

Our brand is widely popular for making the best CBD oil in India and is the preferred option for doctors.It is an ideal option for anyone looking to buy CBD oil in India or simply considering buying CBD oil online from a reliable source. The wide range of products also includes the most efficient and attractive option for pet owners looking for pet CBD oil in India. Most pet parents are looking to buy CBD Oil For Dogs In India and find Hempstrol to be a reliable option.

Our products are 100% organic, free from any preservatives, and 200 pesticides. We have 100% organic hemp extract of healthy hemp plants bred indoor to extract the best CBD oil in India. We are a Full Spectrum CBD Oil company and products carry all the Cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN.

Our brand is one of the most reliable options available to a consumer looking for >CBD products in India >or considering hemp CBD oil in the Indian market.


Premium Quality Products

Our products will only be developed with premium quality therapeutic hemp to serve the human body with a  health care solution and always support a charity. We have a unique charity associated with every Hempstrol product that we introduce, which implies that with every purchase an individual makes, they are also donating towards a social cause. With Hempstrol, our prime purpose would be to educate you about the rich culture associated with Therapeutic Hemp and bring you products that enhance your lifestyle and bring good health forever to you with social consciousness. We also understand the importance and the positive impacts associated with the use of CBD products. Therefore, we have various financial assistance packages in place for anyone in dire need of our product with financial constraints. At the same time, Hempstrol wishes to show our appreciation to the women and men who serve our communities, and owing to that; there are various other assistance programs in place. Each program requires you to provide one form of documentation about your status or circumstance to show that the consumer most certainly falls in the category. 

Using nothing but the best, freshest ingredients.<

Meet our co-founder


Having a master’s degree in Journalism and mass communication but her quest to do something for the women of our society made her create menstrual cramp relief oil. Seeing the potential of hemp, there was no looking back and Deepika took the entrepreneurial route by starting the Hempstrol to ensure more people can take advantage of this plant. A little peep into the life of our co-founder; Deepika Sharma.

Take us through your journey. What motivated you to start Hempstrol?

It started with one such trip to narrow lanes of rural parts of Rajasthan, India. I came across a woman who was struggling with immense menstrual cramps. What was further disheartening was that she didn’t even have access to basic feminine hygiene. Forget this, she couldn’t even afford a sanitary pad. I wish I could say that this is the story of an individual woman but alas, that’s the story of several women living in rural parts of India. Seeing this condition of women in our country, I knew I had to do something about this unspoken problem in our society.

With Hempstrol, one can say I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion and interest in hemp into something meaningful I can look forward to. Ever since my childhood, I have been exposed to hemp thanks to my family but I never thought I could make something out of it.

Later on, I got my Masters in Mass communication and that’s how my research and analytic skills started to groom. After coming across that woman, I pour myself into researching through different ideas and that’s when the idea of creating Menstrual cramp oil happened to me. Like every girl, I have been a victim of Menstrual Cramps and the horror of throbbing pain, restlessness, bloating, skin problems and mood swings that come with it. I remember massaging homemade Hemp Seed Oil on my lower abdomen, stomach and back and experiencing instant relief from the cramping muscles. It then struck me that my startup could be something that changes the way we treat our bodies.

Before marketing it to women out there, I decided to test it on myself just to be sure it is worth it and safe for use. After seeing the outstanding results on my body, I completely immersed myself in it and after a year of researching, product development, and testing, we decided it has to be developed on a larger scale so that more and more women could take advantage of it. That’s how we created our first product of Hempstrol-menstrual cramp relief oil — a blend of Himalayan hemp seed oil and Himalayan lavender oil that can help in easing down pain associated with cramps.

When was the first time you got introduced to Hemp?

From my childhood, I would say. Though I have been born and brought up in New Delhi, India, my family hails from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, where hemp grows freely. In our ancestral home, hemp seed oil was used extensively both for cooking and medicinal purposes. I remember how I used to devour Bhang Chutney (Hemp Seeds Dip). Up north, winters are so extreme that after a while your body starts to ache and you can see dry patches all over your body. This is when our parents advised us to massage our body with hemp seed oil; not only, it moisturize your body but eventually eases down the pain also.

Where Hempstrol is based on?

We are based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The thing about this city is, it always keeps you in a happy mood. It’s colourful, vibrant and the people here are passionate about entrepreneurship. Moreover, Rajasthan is a Bhaang Legal state for recreational use. People here understand that Cannabis can also be used for therapeutic benefits and are much more open to it. When I tell them how Industrial Hemp the Non-Psychoactive Plant of the Cannabaceae Family has health benefits they all get excited and want to hear more.

From the past decade, we have seen different startups mushrooming all across India. As an entrepreneur, how do you think Hempstrol stands out?

As a woman entrepreneur, I would always want to bring some kind of positive change to the society. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that social entrepreneurship was the primary motivation behind setting up Hempstrol. Talking about Hemp, it is a gift to our planet and it can solve many issues which mankind faces. From physical ailments in cloth making, it can be used across different categories.

When I first come across a woman who didn’t have access to basic feminine hygiene, I wanted to create a product that not only provides an organic and natural solution to menstrual cramps and mood swings but also helps the underprivileged women of our society with the availability of proper menstrual hygiene products. Hempstrol is focused on developing premium quality therapeutic hemp products.

We offer full-spectrum CBD products in various formulas – gels, tinctures, oil, and balm. As you would notice, all of our products have been developed with a socially conscious approach. For every bottle of oil sold, we distribute a packet of the sanitary napkin to a woman who has no access to proper menstrual hygiene.

I am sure you must have heard this numerous times but how do you solve the speculation and taboo surrounding the cannabis plant?

While the hemp market in India is still in its infancy due to many people comparing it with Marijuana, with Hempstrol we are trying our best to demystify the myths surrounding this conversation. We have to understand CBD Industry in India is still fresh, and not many people have come across its infinite benefits on health yet. It is unfortunate that CBD oil came to light this way. If you look at history, the use of Cannabis to relieve menstrual pain is an ancient practice that has helped historic figures such as Queen Victoria of the UK. It is also one of the five most sacred plants, according to Vedic texts. Legally speaking, we ensure our products are abided by the law and have a top-notch quality. We are the first in India to manufacture and market our Signature Full Spectrum Hemp Extract also popularly known as CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC in our Colorado, USA facility. We make products that are chemical and toxin-free. CBD oil is manufactured according to the legislature set by the US and India. The company uses industrial hemp to manufacture it in the US. We have a panel of doctors who can be consulted for the correct prescription and for suggestions regarding the product.

What is your plan going forward?

As a pioneer in the CBD Industry in India, I feel the responsibility of imparting correct knowledge and quality products to the people. Hempstrol aims to represent India on a global market. We have a strategic partnership with the U.S.A., Hemp Growers to develop organic and modern Hemp-based products on a global scale and make them readily available in India. The world is looking into India for its history and cultural acceptance of Hemp in Ayurveda for centuries.

How has been the response so far?

COVID-19 period has proven to be a positive phase for us as all over the world, health and having a strong immune system has become a priority. We have a full-fledged working website via which we sell our products as well as educate people about the usage of CBD.

It certainly feels great when different publications recognize your work and come to us to know more about it. This year, I have awarded for Inspiring Women of Rajasthan 2021” by the Government of Rajasthan on International Women’s Day 2021. All of this recognition collectively encourage us to put forward quality products in a market that is still fresh.

There are varied reports that CBD can also work on pets. Do you have a dedicated product line for our pets?

As a pet lover myself, I had to delve into the subject to see whether the CBD can be used by pets or not. A different line of Hemp Extract for Pets products is created keeping the functioning of pets in mind. Just like humans, animals also have an Endocannabinoid system that has CB1 and CB2 receptors. Hemp Extract or CBD Oil has been observed to work on Pets with Separation Anxiety, Low Appetite, and many medical ailments. Also, Hempstrol products are safe to use for pets as it doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives and are 100% Non – Psychoactive.

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    ingredients used in making the product, details about the extraction process, the certificate of analysis, and dosage recommendations before making the purchase. Certificate of analysis ensures that there has been third party testing of the product, and it is of grave importance for anyone considering to purchase CBD based products.

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    Best Sourced Plant

    We give importance on sourcing the plants and only use INDOOR HEMP PLANTS to extract Cannabinoids. These plants are free from any disease and are rich in Cannabinoids. Owing to such quality our Indoor Hemp Plants are on the higher side of cost thus guaranteeing the rich cannabinoid content. Hempstrol’s vision is to always strive hard to keep the customer happy and satisfied thus the company only focuses on top quality. Anything with low quality is not entertained at Hempstrol and we make sure that we stay indulged in production from seed to oil.

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    Lab Tested

    Our products are tested on 6 parameters and you can always see that our products are free from heavy metals, additives, pesticides and are rich in natural terpenes found in the hemp plant. We guarantee you 100% Organic Medicinal Hemp products. Hempstrol is a licensed seller that has a license from Rajasthan Drug Development Authority. Trust the best CBD products for your health, choose Hempstrol - India’s Premier Health Company. 

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Hempstrol aims to represent India on a global market. We have a strategic partnership with the U.S.A. Hemp Growers to develop organic and modern Hemp-based products on a global scale and make them readily available in India. The world is looking into India for its history and cultural acceptance of Hemp in Ayurveda for centuries.


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