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We are Hempstrol, India's Premier Socially Conscious Hemp Company.


Our belief is to develop sustainable products derived from only Top Quality Therapeutic Hemp. We are working on a model which works towards building a creditable Hemp Industry in India which is at par with Global Standards. Our focus also lies in building a bridge between the USA and India and strengthening the relationship between the two superpowers with the super plant Hemp.

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Hempstrol will represent India on a global market. We have a strategic partnership with USA Hemp Growers to develop organic and modern Hemp-based products on a global scale and make them readily available in India. The world is looking into India for its history and cultural acceptance of Hemp in Ayurveda since centuries.

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Our products will only be developed with premium quality therapeutic hemp to serve the human body with a  health care solution and will always support a charity. We have a unique charity associated with every Hempstrol product that we introduce. With Hempstrol our prime purpose would be to educate you about the rich culture that is associated with Therapeutic Hemp and bring you products that enhance your lifestyle and bring forever good health to you with social consciousness.

Meet Our Co-Founder

Deepika Sharma has been born and brought up in New Delhi, India. Since her childhood, she has stayed close to the Hemp Culture. Her family hails from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and Bhang Chutney (Hemp Seeds Dip) has been her favourite.


In her ancestral home and in days where hemp grew freely it was used popularly. Her 85-year-old grandmother recalls the days where Hemp Seed Oil was made in her house for cooking and medicinal purposes. There was also a tradition in her house to apply Hemp Seed Oil when some members went through pains and also to bathe with it to get the skin moisturized for the whole day in the harsh Himalayan winters. Her family members always picked out the best healthy plants and their seeds were brought home.


She always had an interest in Hemp and always kept her research going on. She got a Masters in Mass Communication intending to be prepared for the day she restarts the journey of hemp in her family. While travelling to the interiors of Rajasthan, she met a village women who was in immense menstrual pains and lacked proper menstrual hygiene. This woman couldn't even afford a sanitary pad. She knew it at that moment that something has to be done about this unspoken problem in society.


Her strong research led her to bring up a solution to this. She succeeded upon her first product of Menstrual Cramp Oil and tested it first on her. The results made her quit pharmaceuticals and the product was decided to be developed on a large scale with a Socially Conscious approach to it. There was no looking back after that day and she immersed herself in bringing the best Therapeutic Hemp.


To bring a positive change in society in today's digital world, she aims to give back as much as possible. Social Entrepreneurship was her motivation to make sure that the less fortunate also receive. She says, " Hemp is a gift to our planet, it can solve many issues which mankind faces and we should make the most of this wonderful herb."

Meet our C.O.O.

Meet our C.o.o.

DERRICK BROWN is the founder of Everybody Gets To Eat Inc. (EGTE), which is incorporated in North Carolina but expands its operations throughout Southeast Asia.

EGTE builds learning institutions, teaches mindfulness (kids yoga\art) techniques, and supplies other resources that improve living conditions for children suffering in poverty. Derrick says he’s on this mission after witnessing years of his late mother spending her last time to support neighbourhood underprivileged kids. It was her way of life, and now it’s his!


He has 27 years of U.S.A Military service experience and was responsible for appointing recruits to the army. Derrick is also a former Army Inspector General and Senior Logistics Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton. At the moment he has managed to accomplish over 50 humanitarian projects in remote areas of Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines & India supporting well over thirty- five hundred children in their fight against poverty.


Derrick is now working on solutions to build learning institutions in rural Cambodia provinces, Yoga Schools in India, and developing a Teen Overseas Volunteer Program for underprivileged U.S. kids.


With Hempstrol, Derrick is taking care of its global operations. His responsibility is to make sure that Hempstrol develops and sources the best hemp available for our clients. His expertise in human affairs gives Hempstrol a stronghold in the global market for bringing the best quality products. He is working closely to develop long term Indo-USA relations in the Hemp Industry.

Meet our C.O.O.