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THC Oils

THC has been found to help people deal with many physical ailments and mental health. Many people find the ratio of THC and CBD, when taken at just the right dosage, to be an effective supplement to their everyday health.

THC Oil Super Strong

THC Oil Super Strong

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THC Oil Super Dominant

THC Oil Super Dominant

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THC Oil Super Balanced

THC Oil Super Balanced

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Hempstrol Herbals THC

Do we really need THC which is the most widely recognized component of cannabis? We all know THC as the compound which produces the high in cannabis. In conjunction with other cannabinoids, the compound has been found to help people deal with many physical ailments and mental health. Many people find the ratio of THC and CBD, when taken at just the right dosage, to be an effective supplement to their everyday health.

Presenting Hempstrol which is India’s Top Tier Medicinal Hemp Company brings you the range of THC oils in India approved by the Ministry Of Ayush. THC Oil india is extracted from the Vijaya Plant which is the ayurvedic name of ‘Cannabis Sativa Linn’ also known as ‘Marijuana’ of the Cannabis Sativa Strain. Understand, there are primarily three strains of the Cannabis Plant, namely, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. As per the government laws, we can use Cannabis Sativa to make Medical Marijuana products in India under the Ayush Ministry for which we have to get prior approval on the product before releasing it.

What is Whole Plant Vijaya Extract?

Our THC oils or Vijaya Extract has been extracted from the buds, leaves, and trichomes of the Vijaya Plant which is Cannabis Sativa Linn sourced from the wild flora. In Ayurveda, Cannabis Sativa is called Vijaya. Ayurveda emphasises making medicines from plants that are grown naturally in the wild, thus raw Vijaya extract which is rich in naturally present high quantities of CBD and THC are extracted in a form of oil.

There are primarily two parts of the plants that are used to extract Cannabinoids, the leaf, and the bud. Hempstrol being a pioneer in the Indian Hemp Industry has used the leaves, the buds, and the trichomes present in the upper layer of bud to extract a pure grade Vijaya Extract. So when you buy thc oil online india you get more pure and stronger Cannabis Medicine. Using all the parts except stems of a Cannabis Plant together is called a Whole Plant Vijaya Extract India. This is a proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine and can be brought with a prescription.

Tell me more about the products under Hempstrol Herbals?

Herbals THC Dominant (CBD: THC) 1:2: This is our newest range of Ayurvedic Cannabis Products called the Hempstrol Herbals. The beautiful product you see in the picture is our THC Super Dominant Oil. It has 50MG CBD and 100 MG THC per Gram. This means that it has twice as much THC as CBD. This oil will keep you relaxed in all weathers and will keep your mood uplifted. Available in 375 MG, 750 MG and 1125 MG. Now, THC Oil buy India directly through our offline store in Jaipur, Rajasthan ! 

Hempstrol Herbals - THC Super Balanced: When you are treating pain with cannabis Oil India, both the type of product and the ratio of Cannabinoids matter. It indicates balanced amounts of THC and CBD present in the bottle which is a good option to try to treat all kinds of pain. However, a prior medical consultation regarding the dosage is required before starting the Hempstrol 1:1 product. If you are suffering from mild to moderate pain due to inflammation, it can very well be managed by the CBD: THC ratio of 1:1 as this will unlikely induce any intoxicating effects. Very severe pain such as cancer may require THC dominant medication as euphoria and sedation are needed in this case.

Functioning: The combination of THC and CBD is the ultimate way to relax your body. Our body has a system called the Endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating other systems throughout the body. So, when something or other is out of balance, either over-stimulated or under-stimulated, the endo-cannabinoid system helps to bring it back to a homeostasis state. One should know that THC stimulates receptors primarily in the central nervous system which includes the brain, the spinal column, and the gut and the CBD modulates receptors in the immune system and CNS and peripheral systems. The benefits of vijaya extract from a 1:1 and 1:2 aka the golden ratio are amazing. When you consume a product with an equal THC: CBD ratio like Hempstrol THC Super balanced, your body will experience what we call the entourage effect, giving your body the composure and calmness it needs. The ratio will ensure you get all the aiding benefits from both THC and CBD.

What is the extraction process opted by the Hempstrol?

We have incorporated the Supercritical method to ensure the CBD Oil in India is available with high potent efficacy. This method allows us to perform a “fractional extraction” by first extracting at lower pressures to remove the lighter, temperature-sensitive volatile oils, and then subsequently extracting the same material at a higher pressure to remove the remaining Cannabidiol oils. This approach is the best because it allows our cannabis growers to extract a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other beneficial phytochemicals that yield a more potent blend.

It is one of the expensive extraction methods when compared with other oil extraction methods as it requires experienced operators and advanced equipment. In this method, the cannabis is placed in a closed-loop extractor, filled with a Co2, and the high pressure is applied to the chambers which turn Co2 into a liquid and can result in 90% extraction efficiency. The same liquid is further pumped into a final chamber where the Co2 is turned into gas. This method involving Co2 to high pressure ensures it absorbs the THC oil and flavors and thus, giving the final product of highly concentrated and pure THC extract. Using Co2 as a solvent to extract the oil is considered a purer and cleaner form of extraction as it doesn’t leave behind toxins, heavy metals, or chemicals to degrade the product in any way

Is it safe to consume?

India’s first Whole Plant Vijaya Extract is derived from Leaves, Buds, and Trichomes of the naturally present content of THC present in the Cannabis Sativa Linn Plant. The Cannabis Plants are sourced from the Wild Flora and are 100% Pesticide Free.

Those who are wondering is it safe to consume can be assured about its safety as well as its efficacy. It’s approved by the Ayush Ministry Of India. There are primarily three strains of the Cannabis Plant, namely, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. As per the government laws, we can use Cannabis Sativa to make Medical Marijuana products in India under the Ayush Ministry. This oil is undiluted in any carrier oil like Hempseed Oil or MCT Oil and is the first grade of cannabis paste extracted. All you need is a prescription to get your hands on this 2.5-gram bottle of pure grade THC and CBD. It is super thick and has a greasy consistency. You can take medical consultation with our in-house Ayurvedic doctor who will treat you and give you the prescription needed to buy thc oil online india.

Will I face legal issues if I consume Hempstrol’s THC oil in India?

Before you buy THC Oil online India, make sure you are fully aware. Using THC Oil in India for Medicinal Purposes in India is 100% Legal. To use it, you should have a prescription from a Registered Medical Practitioner. Any oil extracted from Cannabis Sativa Linn in India having THC of more than 0.3% should be a registered product with the Ministry Of Ayush and if it is so, then you can be assured you won’t be jailed because of the same. Hempstrol’s Whole Plant Vijaya Extract is a proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine and is approved by the Ayush Ministry to sell Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil in India that contains quantities of CBD and THC. We have introduced Delta 8 THC oil buy India with Delta 9 THC, the extract is one of a kind Ayurvedic Cannabis in India. 

What is the checklist one should do before THC Oil in India?

One of the important aspects to check before you buy Vijaya

Before you buy Vijaya Extract In India make sure whether the product has gone through stringent testing at a third-party lab or not. Third-party lab tests are necessary as it tests the ingredients, potency of the given product, quality of THC oil, and safety of the product. Third-party ensures it is free from pesticides, herbicides, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins that contain the optimal amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. One must always ask for a COA when they buy thc oil online India. We also provide our customers with the Certificate Of Analysis to all our customers ensuring to gain reliability and trust when they decide THC oil buy India. To gain trust from those potential customers who will be trying our product for the first, our products are approved by the Ayush Ministry Of India.

How should I take the THC oil?

To be able to enjoy the benefits of using THC, one must first understand how to use THC oil effectively. The ideal approach with the Hempstrol Herbals THC oil india is to start low and then increase the dosage eventually. Start two drops in the morning and two drops in the evening.

Where to buy the Hempstrol THC Oil?

Hempstrol is one reliable and trusted Cannabidiol company for anyone looking to THC oil buy india online or offline. We deliver all over India. To ensure full transparency, our website has all the necessary details about the products, including the ingredients, extraction process, Certificate of analysis, Dosage recommendations. After getting the prescription, you can buy it from our website. If you do have the prescription, you can proceed with taking medical consultation with our in-house doctor and they will be happy to diagnose the ailments you are suffering from and accordingly guide you on the dosage.


Irrespective of the seller you choose to buy Vijaya Extract from or other CBD-based products, ensure it caters to the particular health problem you have and is potent enough to heal the given health problem, and is safe to consume. Hempstrol is one reliable and trusted Cannabidiol company for anyone looking to buy THC oil super balanced online or offline. We deliver all over India.


There is no doubt about the far-reaching benefits of consuming THC-based products. If you are leading an active, anxiety-riddled lifestyle, consuming THC oil will make you feel grounded and centred. You will feel more relaxed as you go through the day. Its calming properties can help the individual in tackling anxiety-related issues they usually face.

THC is used to help with the following physical and mental ailments. However, a prior prescription is needed by the doctor for you to consume the THC oil from Hempstrol. One can take the online medical consultation with our in-house doctors who will be happy to guide you with the dosage :

Muscle Spasticity



Low Appetite




Cancer Management 

Tumor Management 

The Whole Plant Vijaya (Cannabis Sativa Lynn) is sourced from the high mountains of the Indo Himalayan Gangetic region. The Plants here grow wild and are Free from any kind of pesticide or herbicide. Hempstrol assures you that the plants used to extract the oil come from the Gangotri region and are 100% disease free. The speciality about the plants from Gangotri region is they carry a high amount of DELTA 9 and DELTA 8 THC. On consuming it one would really feel the psychoactive effects intensely. 

Cannabis seed oil/ THC is rich in fatty acids and can help with hydration when used in topical skin products, and studies also suggest that THC oil can help nourish the skin and reduce the sebaceous gland activity in people with acne.

Yes, you can carry our Wholeplant Vijaya Extract with you in the flight. Hempstrol’s THC Oil is an approved product by the Ministry Of Ayush. It is classified as an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. We suggest you strongly that you always carry your prescription with you whenever your traveling by air.

With cannabinoids and the CBD industry relatively fresh in India, we are constantly striving towards innovation, and this new product is testimony to that. THC 1:9 is the highest amount of THC you will get in India, and the appropriate amount of THC in your general life is good enough to give you the energy and motivation needed for daily tasks.

Common types of drugs that aren’t advised to be taken with THC include:

Anti-anxiety medications — Valium, Xanax, and Librium

Pain medications — Percocet, Codeine, and Vicodin

Sedatives — Lunesta Ambien, and Benadryl

Antidepressants — such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Lexapro

Note: This list is not exhaustive and hence suggested to consult either your doctor or take the medical consultation with our in-house doctor who will take into consideration the current medicines you are on and accordingly will let you know the dosage you should be taking.

The ratio of CBD to THC indicates the amount of CBD added in the formulation compared to the amount of THC in a bottle. Here 1:9 indicates the amount of THC is is 9 times greater than the amount of CBD present in each dose. We did so intently as CBD is a non-psychoactive agent compared to THC, which is considered psychoactive and can bring relief to people suffering from severe joint pain, Migraine, anxiety, Sleep disorders and in cases of aftermath of cancer. The sedating properties of THC will bring you relief from many disease and illnesses but at the same, you would feel strong effects of THC which will keep you high. It will indeed make you feel euphoric but with the right dosage, you will be in control all the time. 

If one has heard about Vijaya extract then taking THC 1:9 is the best way to experience the benefits raw Vijaya extract is known for. The ratio of 1:9 results in a more sedative and deeply relaxing experience and its effects are uplifting and calming. It will certainly have intoxicating effects considering it contains 9 times more THC than CBD but one doesn’t need to be scared of it as with time one will get used to it and will be able to function as normal as you were doing earlier. 

One can get addicted to anything in the world if taken excessively and this product is no different. When you take THC 1:9 from Hempstrol, you will be required to present a prescription. Our on-board doctors will provide consultation in which they will take into account the issues you are suffering from and the relief you need. Accordingly, they will chart out the treatment plan for you. It is expected that you stick to the chart plan as that will ensure you won’t get addicted to this product.

At Hempstrol, it is not just the ingredient we focus on but ensures our extraction process is also efficient in giving you the potent Vijaya extract to experience a range of benefits. We have adopted supercritical Co2 extraction and a 100% alcohol-free method for the same. Our team is proud to be the only manufacturing unit in India to do the same.