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Premium Himalayan Hemp Fabric

With a wide variety of Indo Himalayan Hemp Fabrics we bring you sustainable luxury, to take complete care of all your Health and Fashion needs.

Organic Hemp Pollution Mask

Organic Hemp Pollution Mask

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Hemp fabric is a type of textile that is made using fibres from the stalks of the Cannabis Sativa plant. One could say that hemp is actually the sober version of Marijuana. That is, hemp fabric won’t make you feel high and the only high you will get is the moral value you will stand on knowing you are wearing a sustainable fabric. It’s breathable, biodegradable, antibacterial and consumes less water than cotton in production!

What is better: Cotton or hemp?

We generally associate cotton with being a soft and absorbent material but do you know hemp is the most sustainable fabric. Here are few reasons why hemp fabric is a better choice:

1. Weather Resistant: Hemp fabric is considered excellent for outdoor wear as it is mould and UV resistant. Based on SGS testing, it was found that hemp fabric was 99.9% effective in blocking UV-A and UV-B rays. 

2. Strong: We at Hempstrol sell hemp fabric in meters which consumers can buy as per their preference and use it to make different pieces of clothing. Clothing made of hemp fibre is absorbent, lightweight and has three times the tensile strength of cotton. One amazing fact: it weighs up to one-third less than wool or cotton. 

3. Uses less water than cotton: Cotton requires four times more water and a much longer growing period in comparison to hemp. Moreover, hemp demands half the amount of land to grow 2,000 pounds of fabric textile. We at Hempstrol are very conscious about how our consumption affects the environment we live in and it is not a comfortable feeling knowing to produce one T-shirt 5,280 gallons of water is needed. What’s better, nothing is wasted in the hemp production process. Seeds are used to make oil and food supplements and their stalks are used for fibre. 

To make premium hemp fabric, we source our fibre from the various Himalayan towns in Uttarakhand and then process it into various types of fabrics. Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres in the world. It is breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and biodegradable. If you are environmentally conscious just like us, start your journey of using less plastic with our hemp products.

How come hemp got a bad reputation then? 

People have a hard time understanding there is a distinction between hemp and marijuana. Both of them aren't the same things as people make out to be. It is because the hemp plant from which Hemp fibres come from is a very distinct variety of the cannabis Sativa plant. We at Hempstrol understand there is a lot of education and awareness that is necessary to make organic hemp clothing more popular. Indeed the hemp plant is cannabis but it doesn't contain THC which is associated with making one feel 'high. To ensure more and more people add this sustainable fabric to their lives, we have manufactured an organic hemp face mask. One can buy organic hemp face mask via the official website of Hempstrol. 

Hemp-based pollution mask

Do you feel the masks you are currently wearing makes you feel suffocated? Buy Organic Hemp Face mask made of hemp fabric. Having natural anti-microbial properties, our Hemp pollution mask ensures that it stays breathable and lasts unlimited washes. Other masks available in the market have an elastic system that can make anyone feel suffocated. Seeing this, we have created a new locking system by adding wooden beads. It is a simple mechanism that locks the mask behind your ear and one can easily adjust the hemp face mask accordingly.

Our ideology to create products that serve a purpose motivated us towards creating the first organic Hemp Pollution mask in the Indian market. Hempstrol believes that charity is an act of humanity. All our products are associated with a Social Conscious Solution. Apart from saving the environment, Organic Hemp Pollution Mask is associated with providing financial help to the organisations working towards Wildlife and Forest Protection under the initiative "Be An Environmentalist". The 5% profit would be contributed directly towards this cause. The socially conscious initiative is printed on our every Organic Hemp Face mask. One can buy Hemp mask online. If you have any other further questions related to the charity we do or in general please feel free to write to us at

Apart from offering hemp-based fabric and pollution masks, Hempstrol’s also offers Premium CBD Oil in different mgs which one can choose as per their need and preferability. Our Premium CBD oil is made from Indoor Hemp Plants which are sourced from the world's best NON-GMO Hemp Farms from Colorado, the USA which is rich in Cannabinoids and has therapeutic qualities. The benefits of CBD Oil are well documented and so many other studies are in the initial stages. From anxiety to joint pain, the benefits of CBD oil are extensive.

Premium Himalayan Hemp Fabric FAQ

Hempstrol believes that charity is humanity. All our products are associated with a Social Conscious Solution. Organic Hemp Pollution Mask is associated with  providing financial help to the organisations working towards Wildlife and Forest Protection. under the initiative "Be An Environmentalist". 5% profit would be contributed directly towards this cause. The socially conscious initiative is printed on the mask, every product has a unique charity associated with it.

If you have any other further questions please feel free to write us on

Our Hemp fabric is sourced from the Himalayan town of Haldwani in Uttarakhand, India. We ensured that we only process top quality fibre to make our Premium Hemp Fabric. Muslin or famously known as Mulmul in India has been sourced from West Bengal. This state in India is famous globally for its reputation of providing high-end fabrics.

Our Organic Hemp face mask has been made at our factory in Jaipur, India. Hempstrol puts the health of our customers before and thus is one of the primary reasons why we have maintained the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness in our factory.

Use mild detergent and fabric softener while cleaning the mask. Make a solution of detergent and water and lightly brush on the fabric. Squeeze it a bit to wash off the soapy water. Once dried, just iron it and your mask is back to use.

No, it feels very light and would give you a feeling as if you are not wearing anything on your face.

Yes, you can wear it under any skin condition. Mulmul is also a natural exfoliator for sensitive skin and keeps all allergy rashes away. This mask is the best solution to protect your facial skin.

Yes, actually it is considering the amount of cotton and plastic (packaging the mask comes in) that gets wasted in this process. we would suggest that you skip the plastic filters and use something more natural and organic.

Yes, the bark of the hemp stalk contains the best fibres, which are rich in cellulose. It also restricts the growth of bacteria and fungi, which starts to grow on plastic filters available in the market right now.

One can buy Hemp mask online via Hempstrol’s official website at a reasonable price. Purchasing a hemp face mask, you will be taking one step towards creating a sustainable environment.