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Book A Medical Consultation
Book A Medical Consultation

Book A Medical Consultation

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Hempstrol has designed a simple 4 step Tele-consultation process for you:

1. Choose a Doctor

We currently have three expert doctors on board with a medical background in Allopathy, Homeopathy and Veterinary & Animal Husbandry.

2. Book an Appointment

Select the Doctor you want to seek advice and click on “Book my Appointment Now”.

3. Pay for Consultation

Pay a minimum chargeable consultation fee in this step. Team Hempstrol will then arrange a time and date with the doctor on your behalf and update you with the same. You will be then asked to fill a short Patient Registration Form with few generic details about you for a record to be analyzed by your doctor before starting your consultation.

4. Start Consultation

Feel free to share and make a complete understanding about your health condition with the doctor to help him/her guide you better with the product and dosage that best suit your needs.

Note: Amount charged for Consultation is solely to provide you with a hassle free and timely professional consultation with our panel of doctors. It is not subjected to any gains of the company whatsoever.

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