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Dr Mikhail Miranda

Dr Mikhail Miranda

(Bachelor Of Dental Surgery)

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In addition to treating problems throughout the body, CBD also has oral health uses. Do you know that CBD can fight the germs that cause plaque? We bet you didn’t know that. It may have the potential for treating the inflammation caused by oral surgery due to having anti-inflammatory effects. It has strong analgesic effects which in layman terms means it can be used to treat difficult-to-manage pain after an oral surgery like a tooth extraction or implant placement. Though more studies must be conducted before CBD is approved for use in dentistry, it certainly has a lot of potential, and seeing the same, we have roped in Dr. Mikhail Miranda. He holds a Bachelor Of Dental Surgery from Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai.

He has been working as a Dental surgeon in a private clinic in Mumbai for the past three years. Before that, he did his dental internship at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental Hospital where he diagnosed and treated oral diseases and injuries. There he also conducted oral cancer screenings and cancer camps. His education and internship have made him committed to providing excellent care and service to patients. This has made him well versed with clinical practices and protocols. He is perfectly able to handle different types of patients for simple and complex treatment and is always happy to assist any of the patients with any medical consultation. In his tenure, he has also consulted a few of the Hollywood celebrities for dental treatment.
He is a dedicated medical professional who has immense knowledge about his field and is invested in striving to maintain the highest standards in this field. Having a strong passion for serving, he understands people's concerns regarding their dental health, nerve issues, Pain and inflammation and accordingly suggests them the right cannabis or hemp product required.

At Hempstrol, we believe that what’s right for others might not work for you. That is why we suggest you talk to our doctors and understand how you can best leverage CBD and Vijaya. Dr. Mikhail Miranda is associated with Hempstrol and those of you looking for dental consultation and how CBD can be used to treat toothache or any other dental problem, as an alternative treatment, a session can be booked with him through the official website of Hempstrol. With the help of virtual and telemedicine consultation, we aim to provide better healthcare services to our prestigious customers.