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Ms Visalam Ramanathan

Ms Visalam Ramanathan

(MBBS, MD, Functional medicine, Member society of Cannabis Clinicians USA )

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With eventually people getting aware about medical cannabis and CBD, have you ever wondered what it's like to be a medical cannabis doctor who has certifications in Yoga therapy, basic ozone therapy and is a certified member society of cannabis clinicians! Meet Dr. Visalam, MBBS, MD. A charismatic woman having a degree in functional medicine-IFM that has enabled her to understand how and why illness occurs. Having the knowledge and requisite experience in this field has allowed her to address the root cause of disease and thus, restore health. She has helped hundreds of patients and treated symptoms ranging from pain and nausea to anxiety, epilepsy and depression with the help of cannabis knowledge. She also has seen how cannabis can be useful in dealing with the symptoms of cancer. Practicing in Chennai, Dr. Visalam is a long-time advocate for the healing powers of cannabis and mind and body connection.She is an active member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians also. 

According to Dr. Visalam, the biggest obstacle why the knowledge of medical marijuana is very limited is because therapeutic uses for cannabis aren’t taught in medical school and there is a dearth of clinical research due to prohibition. However, she is hopeful this will change. She also believes finding a well-educated cannabis doctor who actually cares is very crucial if one wants to unlock the power of THC oil.  This is one of the reasons why she encourages people to take consultations about the use of THC oil and type of ailments; physical and mental both,  it can be treated. If one wishes to take a  session with her, one can book a video or call consultation with her. She dedicates proper time to her patients by telling them about medical cannabis before starting their journey with this substance.