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THC Oil Super Strong

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Hempstrol Herbals THC Super Strong
CBD: THC (1:9)
Super Thick THC Paste

Source: Himalayan Gangetic Landrace Strain (Gangotri Region)

Total Drops per 5 Grams is 100 Drops.

As per Indian Standards:
One Gram contains 1000 MG Super Vijaya Extract
5 Grams = 5000 MG

Sub Critical & Super Critical C02 Extraction
100% Psychoactive

Raw and Organic
No Preservative and Additives

Syringe Size: 5 Grams with Anti Leakage Flower Tip Locking System
Packaging: Blue Corrugated Reusable Box

Free Prescription with our in-house Ayurvedic Doctor

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Super Strong Cannabis Oil: New Hope for those looking for Raw Vijaya Extract

Does anxiety seem to sneak up on you when you least expect it? Anxiety, depression, and overthinking are some of the issues each one of us is feeling to a varying degree. But the thing about anxiety is that it can manifest both physically and mentally and could derail your entire day. Of course, nobody could afford to let go of their day. At Hempstrol, we have created India’s first THC Super Strong 1:9 that can effectively calm you down and, at the same time, provide you relief from different kinds of pain-joint, migraine, and symptoms associated with cancer treatment. 

Worldwide, these two compounds are combined in different ratios to produce various therapeutic effects. In India, we tried to do the same by adding the best delta 9 THC in the formulation to ensure people here can benefit from THC oil legally without any implications. Ours is backed by a license issued by the Ministry of Ayush that assures you are consuming a legit product.

What is this product all about?

What is this product all about?

Before understanding the product, it will help you to know the key ingredient first present in this product---THC Oil. It comes from the Whole Leaf Sativa Lynn Extract, which is extracted from the leaves of the plant. This is rich in Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids that ensure the product you are consuming is the most potent one on the market.

Hempstrol Herbals-THC 1:9 is India’s first Delta 8 and Delta 9 product. It is a full-spectrum product which means a higher amount of Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC along with CBD, & other Cannabinoids are present to deliver a potent entourage effect. THC is a major cannabinoid naturally found in the cannabis plant and known for giving people psychoactive effects. However, if added in a proper formulation and taken in an appropriate manner suggested by the doctor, it can help you see the following benefits in the body.

Relieve oneself of stress in a timely and effective manner
It helps you get the most restful, uninterrupted sleep
Having 1:9 THC adds an intense sense of relaxation and calm. It can perfectly complement the post-workout routine by healing muscle aches and pain.

How will this product work with my body?

CBD works by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoids system (ECS). For the unversed, ECS regulates a range of functions in the body which include but are not limited to your sleeping schedule, memory power, appetite, mood, and so much more. CBD and THC function differently in the way that it interacts with different receptors in the body. THC binds to CB1 receptors in the brain and helps you to feel euphoria or a high. Some experts also say that proper dosage can go a long way in treating OCD and anxious behaviours by restoring balance in your ECS.

How will this product work with my body?
Why Should I Take This Product?

Why Should I Take This Product?

A higher amount of best delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, CBG, CBD and CBN are present to deliver a potent entourage effect. Result? One will be able to experience a deep relaxing feeling, intense focus level you need to get through your life, improved energy level required to do away with your lethargic attitude and more—all of these benefits without the need to consume marijuana.

How should I get started with Hempstrol 1:9?

You all must be excited to try out the most potent THC available in India. Before you buy Delta 9 THC Online or any CBD-based product or THC-based, at Hempstrol we recommend people to take a proper consultation with our expert team of Pharmacists and Doctors who have years of experience in treating patients having increased anxiety levels, joint pain, arthritis, backache, muscle ache, seizures. If you are not suffering from any of these diseases/illnesses but something else and want a consultation, don’t hesitate and make an appointment with one of our onboard doctors today and get the prescription to buy delta 9 thc. Our on-board doctors will be happy to hear you out and guide you towards which ratio of CBD and THC is best suitable for you and the right dosage you should be taking. Our line of products having THC is approved by the Ministry of Ayush which ensures the product you are consuming is absolutely legal to take.

How should I get started with Hempstrol 1:9?
Why buy Delta 8 THC from Hempstrol?

Why buy Delta 8 THC from Hempstrol?

Hempstrol is India’s Top Tier Medicinal Hemp Company and we proudly bring you our range of Cannabis Oil in India approved by the Ministry Of Ayush. At Hempstrol, you can take consultation with our expert team of Pharmacists and Doctors who have long years of experience in treating patients with CBD and THC before you set to buy delta 8 thc. You can book Medical Consultation on our website and speak to the respective doctor today and get the prescription; they will be happy to hear you out and guide you towards which ratio of delta 8 thc buy online or CBD and THC are best suitable for you and the right dosage you should be taking.

Ultimate THC Oil Super Strong Buying Guide

The Whole Plant Vijaya (Cannabis Sativa Lynn) is sourced from the high mountains of the Indo Himalayan Gangetic region. The Plants here grow wild and are Free from any kind of pesticide or herbicide. Hempstrol assures you that the plants used to extract the oil come from the Gangotri region and are 100% disease free. The speciality about the plants from Gangotri region is they carry a high amount of DELTA 9 and DELTA 8 THC. On consuming it one would really feel the psychoactive effects intensely. 

With cannabinoids and the CBD industry relatively fresh in India, we are constantly striving towards innovation, and this new product is testimony to that. THC 1:9 is the highest amount of THC you will get in India, and the appropriate amount of THC in your general life is good enough to give you the energy and motivation needed for daily tasks.

The ratio of CBD to THC indicates the amount of CBD added in the formulation compared to the amount of THC in a bottle. Here 1:9 indicates the amount of THC is is 9 times greater than the amount of CBD present in each dose. We did so intently as CBD is a non-psychoactive agent compared to THC, which is considered psychoactive and can bring relief to people suffering from severe joint pain, Migraine, anxiety, Sleep disorders and in cases of aftermath of cancer. The sedating properties of THC will bring you relief from many disease and illnesses but at the same, you would feel strong effects of THC which will keep you high. It will indeed make you feel euphoric but with the right dosage, you will be in control all the time. 

If one has heard about Vijaya extract then taking THC 1:9 is the best way to experience the benefits raw Vijaya extract is known for. The ratio of 1:9 results in a more sedative and deeply relaxing experience and its effects are uplifting and calming. It will certainly have intoxicating effects considering it contains 9 times more THC than CBD but one doesn’t need to be scared of it as with time one will get used to it and will be able to function as normal as you were doing earlier. 

One can get addicted to anything in the world if taken excessively and this product is no different. When you take THC 1:9 from Hempstrol, you will be required to present a prescription. Our on-board doctors will provide consultation in which they will take into account the issues you are suffering from and the relief you need. Accordingly, they will chart out the treatment plan for you. It is expected that you stick to the chart plan as that will ensure you won’t get addicted to this product.

At Hempstrol, it is not just the ingredient we focus on but ensures our extraction process is also efficient in giving you the potent Vijaya extract to experience a range of benefits. We have adopted supercritical Co2 extraction and a 100% alcohol-free method for the same. Our team is proud to be the only manufacturing unit in India to do the same. 

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