In recent years, CBD oil India has taken the world by storm and now, with new studies and research coming out lately, it's easy to understand why CBD oil has become so much popular around the world. In the wellness industry, this compound is used extensively by people for its benefits, so much so that individuals are switching to CBD as a safe and natural alternative for OTC supplements. 

But how come people are ditching the OTC supplements and choosing a natural alternative? What makes CBD so unique? Unlike other pills, CBD comes from a natural source, and during the manufacturing process, manufacturers ensure the quantity of compounds found in it doesn't exceed the permissible limit set by the government. Due to this side effects of this compound aren't many, and people like you and me can consume it without worrying about any side effects such as high. 

Despite many studies done on this subject where its benefits are established, people are still apprehensive about using CBD due to rumours that it can lead them to feel hungry all the time. Continue reading to find out if consuming any CBD- based products really causes appetite.

Does CBD oil or other CBD-based products really cause hunger?

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in all varieties of cannabis, including hemp and marijuana. One can be assured that CBD does not make you hungry as THC does. Instead, it subtly increases your appetite by reducing stomachaches, nausea, and other gastrointestinal issues brought on by stress, depression, and other associated issues. On the other hand, CBD may also act as an appetite suppressant and metabolism-booster, aiding in weight loss and lowering the risk of obesity.

To suppress appetite, should I take THC or CBD?

THC is the compound that makes you feel hungry. It stimulates the endocannabinoid system's CB1 receptors, which play a crucial role in appetite and hunger. The feeling of hunger brought on by THCs is frequently referred to as the "munchies," when you want to consume more food even if you have just eaten or aren't really hungry. 

By activating cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors in the brain's olfactory bulb and hypothalamus—two areas in charge of hunger, thirst, smell, taste, energy, and body temperature—THC directly causes appetite. Ghrelin, a hunger hormone made by gastrointestinal cells, is also released as a result of THC's activation of CB1. Ghrelin alerts your brain to the fact that you are hungry when your stomach is empty.

CBD has an entirely different effect on the body. It does not make you hungry. Neither the CB1 receptors nor the ghrelin hormone is activated by CBD. It does, however, indirectly increase your appetite and hunger by interacting with other receptor sites. 

So, I shouldn’t take CBD to boost my appetite?

Yes, you can take CBD Oil India to boost your appetite. In this scenario, you might wonder that aforementioned we said THC is the compound that causes hunger, so how can CBD stimulate the same. Well, the fact is THC and CBD both of these compounds influence appetite in different ways.

While THC makes you feel hungry by activating the CB1 receptors, CBD acts the other way around. CBD-based products promote homeostasis; this helps in improved gut health and a balanced appetite.

But, how does CBD really increases appetite?

As previously mentioned, unlike THC and other cannabinoids that bind to cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors, CBD does not directly increase appetite or hunger. Instead, by reducing nausea and promoting gastrointestinal health, CBD indirectly stimulates hunger. It does this by interacting with a variety of receptor sites separate from your endocannabinoid system, a complex biological network in charge of controlling pain, stress, immunological response, and inflammatory response in addition to hunger and appetite, sleep, and other physiological functions. We have briefly explained how CBD improves your appetite:

Is CBD effective in alleviating nausea?

Have you noticed that sometimes we don’t want to eat due to a heightened sense of nausea? Nausea is characterized by the urge to vomit and not wanting to eat. Though there could be many reasons behind nausea, such as anxiety, stress and digestive disorders, what it does to us, is reduce our appetite. CBD-based products are very effective in reducing nausea symptoms and stimulating appetite, and increasing food intake. Some studies suggest it functions similarly by activating serotonin receptors that induce calmness and balance and helps to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and mild-to-moderate nausea. 

If CBD is effective in alleviating stress and improving appetite, can it aid weight loss as well?

Though more research is still required now, one can say that CBD could aid in weight loss. Many studies are looking at CBD as a viable future treatment for obesity. 

As mentioned before, CBD is a very effective compound in improving your mood that can easily prevent overeating and thus, indirectly aiding you in your weight loss journey. Unlike THC, this compound goes against the CB1 receptors. Hence, it might help you achieve your weight loss goals by controlling your appetite.

So we are saying, 

So now one can say that CBD doesn’t make you hungry in a way that it leaves you weak. Rather, it prevents overeating and is a very effective compound in converting bad fat into a good one. It also aids in faster recovery so that you can continue to work out for a longer period of time without muscle ache stopping you. But before you buy CBD oil India or any CBD-based product, make sure it is coming from a credible and trustworthy brand. Brands like Hempstrol ensure all of their products go through stringent testing so that you get what you pay for.

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