Hempstrol is committed to serving our customers the highest-grade organic Hemp Seed Oil blends with Essential Oils. Our Hemp Seed Oil is derived from hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant which has legal status in India so no need to worry whether  it is safe to use hemp seed oil or not. Hemp Seed Oil is a Super Carrier Oil and works effectively on health care when blended with an Essential Oil. Essential oils are commonly used in skincare products and aromatherapy tools for easing stress and calming down anxiety. Few essential oils have enough clinically significant research to back up these claims.  If you dig through the research that has been conducted on the efficacy of essential oils, you will find that certain essential oils for menstrual cramps and headaches are useful for treating menstrual cramps.

Tell me more about the products under Hemp Aromatherapy Oils

Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil: It contains a blend of Himalayan Lavender oil and Himalayan Hemp seed oil. Rich content of Gamma Lemonic Acid (GLA) and Magnesium in hemp and anti-inflammatory properties in lavender is effective in reducing various symptoms during the menstrual cycle. Lavender has been used since ages in Aromatherapy and has proven to combat P.M.S. History says that Queen Victoria used Cannabis to get rid of menstrual cramps. 

Hempstrol Athletic Care oil: Natural Aromatherapy Athletic Care oil should be used to get instant relief from the excruciating pain athletes suffer. The blend of Wintergreen Extract and Hemp Seed Athletic Oil will absorb into the skin and provide you Athletic Muscle Pain Relief from the sore muscles, muscle pull, usually associated with a muscle injury. Our product doesn’t just provide relief from the pain but helps to heal the muscles due to having anti-inflammatory properties in the composition provided you massage the oil regularly on that part of the body that tends to get worked up.

Hemp Seed Oil blend For Healthy Hair: It helps in stimulating hair growth to give you thicker density, and, strengthen hair to ensure low hair fall. Whether you have dry tresses, an itchy or flaky scalp, or just want to make your hair grow as fast as possible, Hempstrol Hair root health oil has got you covered.  It helps to maintain the thickness of the hair shaft (the part you can see above the scalp). One of the ingredients in this hair oil is rosemary oil which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which prevent the buildup of bacteria and can eventually help with your dandruff.

Migraine & Cold Oil: Hempstrol has used a blend of Himalayan Peppermint Oil and Himalayan Hemp Seed Oil in its composition which helps you to deal with migraines and severe headaches. The best essential oil for migraines usually has these ingredients in it. Both these Essential Oils for Headaches and Migraine are rich in Magnesium and Menthol. Hempstrol Migraine Oil contains menthol which is said to produce a cooling effect when applied to your head or chest. It stimulates the body’s thermo-receptors without actually increasing the body’s actual temperature. This makes the CBD oil for Migraine & Cold Relief Oil a natural alternative for headaches, blocked nose, or irritating cough.

Why should you choose Hempstrol hemp aromatherapy oils?

Organic Approach Towards Healing 

All of our oils are extracted in the best hygienic conditions inside a certified setup. It is chemical-free and is 100% natural.

Pharmaceutical Free 

Consuming pharmaceutical drugs can help you in the short run, but regular consumption does affect your health in the long run. Our Menstrual Cramp Oil is for application and will support you in maintaining a healthy Uterus.

No Side Effects 

Hempstrol's Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil is easy to use and will not have any side effects. It is not mixed with anything unnatural and comes in the purest form. 

Top Quality Plant Extractions 

Hempstrol's policy is to only use top quality plants for making products. Plant Health is a serious topic at Hempstrol and only the best healthy plants are finalised for the production.

Natural Aromatherapy 

Lavender Oil is known for its aromatherapeutic properties which elevate the mood and brings anxiety to relief and same can be said for other essential oils added in our different products. You would notice the positive difference when applied.

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