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From Vedic times, the cannabis plant has been used for therapeutic purposes. The plant contains more than 80 types of cannabinoids or chemical compounds, and the most prevalent compound is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), (well-known for its psychoactive properties) and cannabidiol (CBD) which does not have any such effects. 

For those who are unversed, CBD or cannabidiol oil India comes with well-established benefits. From treating joint aches, and pain to easing symptoms of severe ailments, CBD has been a miracle agent for years. In recent years, researchers have been studying the benefits of CBD for mental health. Mental health issues negatively affect both the quality of life of the individual and society as a whole. Over the past ten years, there has been a marked rise in mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, as a result of a variety of reasons, including COVID-19, social media, etc. Let’s understand how CBD capsules can really help people with mental issues.

Does CBD really help with mental health?

Although more research is required to understand the possible effects and advantages of CBD, there are a number of conditions that it can help with, such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and sleep disorders, among others.

Epilepsy: Epilepsy is linked to a few mental health issues, though the reasons for this are not fully understood. Living with epilepsy is difficult and this might be the reason for someone's deteriorating mental state. The right dosage of CBD can reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. 

Anxiety: Anxiety has become a common issue for so many people, and CBD or cannabidiol oil India is known to be effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety as well. Many people struggle with anxiety, which has a significant negative impact on how they go about their daily lives. Anxiety can result in a variety of physical and mental symptoms, such as weariness, lack of concentration, and muscle tightness, that can affect everything from our social interactions and relationships with others to our sleep and eating routines. However, some research indicates that ingesting CBD may help reduce anxiety symptoms, particularly for people who have social anxiety. 

Depression: Depression is one of the most prevalent mental disorders, and researchers are studying the possibility of CBD having antidepressant effects. Some antidepressants function by interfering with the brain's serotonin receptors. Low serotonin levels may produce anti-depressant. Animal studies indicate that CBD may have an effect on these receptors, which may have an antidepressant effect. Another study noted that Cannabidiol appears to alter how the brain reacts to serotonin that is already present in your body rather than raising serotonin levels.

Not able to sleep well: Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? It's not just you! Not only is getting enough sleep crucial for our bodies to rest, but also crucial for our minds so much so that sleep deprivation might begin to affect a person's mental health. Insomnia can also be a sign of mental health issues such as bipolar illness, anxiety, and depression.CBD might be helpful in addressing sleep issues due to its relaxing impact. In one of the studies, it was seen that people who had symptoms of anxiety and poor sleep reported that their sleep quality had improved with the help of CBD. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be extremely crippling. People who experience symptoms like intrusive thoughts, nightmares, or trouble sleeping may end up with poor mental health as a result. According to some research, CBD may be useful in easing these symptoms. 

Although PTSD is most frequently linked to war veterans, it can affect anyone who has been through a terrible event since no one is immune to its effects. The standard treatments for PTSD include therapy and medication, but many people are adopting CBD products into their daily lives that could help with sleep.


Is CBD effective for treating mental health disorders?

According to research, CBD can aid in the treatment of serious illnesses like cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and depression and anxiety.

CBD products have attracted interest as a potential treatment for anxiety disorders from various groups. Even the use of cannabidiol to treat epilepsy was allowed by the FDA. According to research published in The Permanente Journal, 79% of participants reported feeling less anxious after consuming CBD due to having anti-anxiety effects.

Possible Side Effects of CBD

Although CBD is fully safe and legal to use, one might feel the side effects of CBD if used with some other medication. Despite the fact that CBD seems to be well tolerated, it nevertheless has side effects that one must be aware of. Some of the documented side effects, though they may vary from person to person, are as follows:

Mood swings
Appetite shifts

Overall, the evidence indicates that using CBD products for mental wellness is absolutely safe. Before taking your first dose, speak with your doctor or another appropriate healthcare expert if you have any concerns about incorporating it into your routine. They can offer you more detailed instructions to follow.


The CBD industry is still in its growing phase and due to this not many companies follow the manufacturing standards, which results in inconsistent purity and labelling. Hence, look at the CO (certificate of analysis) and check whether the company is certified by the Ministry to sell CBD-based products or not.

While CBD shows potential, a recent thorough evaluation of the data indicates that there is still insufficient evidence to recommend its usage for mental health. Hence, it is highly suggested that you take the proper medical consultation with a cannabis-certified clinician. Hempstrol is one such brand in India that sells quality CBD-based products in different potencies to cater to different people. We also provide online medical consultations to our customers who want to get their doubts regarding the product clarified before they buy cbd oil for pain or for any other mental ailments they are suffering from.