THC, known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the many chemical compounds of the cannabis plant capable of making the body feel  "high." This happens because it tricks the brain into having an extreme level of euphoria which in turn helps to relieve your pet from joint pain, elevates mood and makes them feel more active than usual. In some cases, it reportedly works to improve metabolism which helps in increasing your dog’s appetite.

So, if THC has benefits to offer then why we are being discouraged from giving it to our pets?

While dogs can use THC, it’s often advised that they don’t consume it considering it can end up being deadly to them.

Listed below are some of the side effects your dog and pets will experience if they are given too much THC.

Extreme Tension: THC can cause our pet’s muscles to tense up which can make it difficult for them to walk. However, if THC is administered properly under a vet, the same THC can induce a relaxation effect.  

Excessive drooling: THC can cause gastrointestinal problems which can further increase the amount of saliva in our pet’s mouth.

The problem in walking: Overdose of THC can cause dizziness and vertigo in dogs and pets that can make it difficult for them to walk. Sometimes overdose of THC can cause poisoning in dogs that make them sway while walking and can even make it difficult for your dogs to get up.

Can make them lose control of their bladder: As mentioned above, THC can make your dogs and pets feel very sleepy which relaxes their muscles. This results in them losing control of their bladder.

Become paranoid: Our dogs and pets can become paranoid if they consume too much THC. This involves but is not limited to pacing up and down halls and panting heavily. Your dogs can also feel anxious, can become grouchy, irritable and maybe even a little dangerous since they aren’t fully aware of what is going on around their surroundings.

Irregular heartbeats: It can cause your dogs to suffer from irregular heartbeats as THC causes our pets and dogs to overwork which results in their heart beating faster and at the same time irregular. If your dog or pet is quite small, it can affect their health very badly.

So we are saying!

It is one thing to say that THC has benefits for dogs and our pets such as pain relief but if not monitored closely, it can end up being very dangerous for them to consume this chemical compound. It is extremely dangerous to give them in larger quantities as this could make them feel drowsy and at times lead to Cannabis Poisoning. Large quantities of THC bring numerous side effects, including consistent tension, excessive drooling, which can make them lose control of their bladder, cause them irregular heart rates and much more. Because of these reasons, many vets recommend pet owners use CBD oil. Hempstrol uses full-spectrum CBD oil which has less than 0.3% THC that is very little to cause any high to your pets.

In case you’re still confused we would want you to not worry as our Cannabinoid Pharmacist will help you out. For pets that are suffering from a disease, we suggest you book a medical consultation with our vet on board. They will write you a prescription and will indicate the number of CBD drops required for your pet for better recovery from any disease. Just like humans, every dog will respond to CBD differently. If you are looking to use CBD as a health supplement for your dog, it is best to start with the lowest quantities as per his weight and it is recommended to start with smaller doses than what is recommended and slowly increase it with time.

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