Hempstrol is one of India's top tier Hemp companies. We aspire to augment the stature of the Hemp industry in India. Our vision dictates we bridge the gap between India and the United States concerning Hemp production. Hemp products in India are in dire need of sustainable development, and the Hempstrol quality promise shall fulfil that need. 
The spine of any degree of customer satisfaction is dependent on the quality of the product. It determines the company's credibility, and we at Hempstrol do not compromise with the product quality or our credibility. The principle of Hempstrol quality promise is not just a slogan but the driving force of our vision to develop long term relationships with our customers.  

Sourcing the Plant 

Transparency is of utmost importance to gain consumer trust. Hence, it is quintessential to equip our stakeholders with the necessary knowledge concerning our quality assurance practices. 

Before the dispatch, each product is subject to numerous quality checks. The process is initiated at the very first stage of plant selection. We choose the healthiest plants to develop our products. This means that the oil extracted is of the best possible quality by its healthy source. 

The oil extracted is then packaged in an amber-colored bottle. There is a scientific reason to choose this color exclusively as it carries various benefits. It is a well-established fact that the sun rays which enter our atmosphere are plagued with harmful Ultraviolet rays. One of the constituent properties of UV ray includes the deterioration of essential oils when it comes in contact. It is pertinent to note that essential oils are not consumed daily, making them vulnerable to long-term storage on our shelves. The amber-colored bottles offer them vital security from the UV rays that hold the potential of seriously compromising the product’s quality. Therefore, it is the perfect spectrum to defend the oil against UV Rays within the 10 nm to 400 nm range.

Are You Aware of Packaging Waste Pollution

Most product packaging involves plastic. It is a well-established fact that not only does it go to waste, but it also is pernicious to the environment. To solve the puzzle of a viable packaging replacement. Hempstrol replaced plastic with Jute Potli Bags. Jute is material, is 100% bio-degradable, and recyclable. It can be reused and saved for later. Concerning our mask, we use organic, recycled paper.

Co2 Extraction Process

The Production Process includes a combination of Sub-Critical and Super Critical Co2 Extraction. Supercritical extraction of Co2 involves controlled pressure and temperature to maintain the integrity and terpenes found in the plant material. Furthermore, it is also responsible for protecting thefrom any decarboxylation during the extraction process.   

Online Medical Consultation 

Hempstrol as an organisation believes in the best practices for their clients. We offer the best of healthcare services all across India through virtual consultation. It facilitates access to all sections of the society, which is inclusive of the privileged and the underprivileged. This initiative is successful in eliminating geographical barriers to healthcare. The benefits of online consultation include reduced healthcare spending, more effortless follow-ups and a better doctor-patient relationship.  
We humbly acknowledge the need for CBD oil in India that is extracted from the Hemp plant. Its use in the field of medicine, among other things other benefits, creates exponential demand. Hempstrol is here to search for the best CBD oil in India. We facilitate you with the service to buy Hemp oil in India at affordable prices and world-class quality. 

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