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If you are not living under a rock, you might have heard about CBD and the range of benefits it is capable of giving you. But, owing to the fact that there are so many CBD products available in the market right now, it is not easy to choose one at the end of the day. Moreover, you don't want to consume any CBD for your physical and mental ailments. How can you ensure that the CBD Oil India you purchase is of high quality and as natural as possible? Well, it all boils down to the CBD extraction process. Larger commercial operations are increasingly using subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction as their preferred method of extraction in the medical cannabis and therapeutic hemp sectors. In addition to being frequently used to produce a variety of foods and other goods, carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is also gaining popularity as a means of producing high-quality CBD oil. When compared to fossil fuel-based extraction, carbon dioxide-based extraction is thought to be more environmentally friendly, significantly safer, cleaner, cheaper, and less poisonous, and it produces a consistent product. Let’s understand more about the extraction process.

A short brief on CBD

If you're considering CBD extraction techniques, you likely already understand what CBD is. But just in case, here is a brief synopsis.A naturally occurring substance obtained from the cannabis plant is cannabidiol or CBD. Though the same plant contains other compounds, CBD and THC get the most attention. One significant distinction between CBD and THC is that THC will give you the psychoactive effects normally connected with smoking or consuming marijuana. In contrast, CBD oil products won't ever make you feel high. 

How does CBD oil extraction work?

When CBD oil India is harvested, we want to retain as much of its natural balance as possible. For the same, hemp plants are selected that particularly yield high amounts of CBD. One should know that CBD isn’t the only element that makes up a hemp plant. 

To get high-quality CBD oil, the Co2 extraction process is opted for as it could give us high-quality CBD oil and one would be able to avoid contamination too that can happen with other methods. However, this process turns out to be expensive also. Due to this, only a handful of manufacturers opt for Co2 extraction and hempstrol company is one of them. The co2 extraction process can be broken down into two more specific categories which are supercritical and subcritical. 

Both supercritical and subcritical CBD extraction techniques generally follow the same steps. Phytochemicals, or plant compounds, are separated from hemp using pressurized CO2. Then, these plant-based components are utilized to create CBD drops.

Let's examine how they differ from each other:

Supercritical CBD oil extraction with CO2: Carbon dioxide is a gas at standard pressure and temperature. It is a liquid at 60.4 psi and a solid(dry ice) at -78 C at standard pressure. It has the characteristics of both a gas and a liquid when heated at 31.10C (the critical temperature) and 1,071 psi (the critical pressure) or higher. It turns into a liquid known as a supercritical fluid. Supercritical liquids are the best choice for a solvent since they can dissolve compounds and pass through porous solids. With liquid CO2, supercritical CBD extraction begins. The liquid then achieves a supercritical state, which is halfway between a gas and a liquid, as the temperature and pressure inside the container rise. The CO2 can fill up any container, giving it the appearance of a gas while having the density of a liquid. When CO2 reaches this condition, it reacts with the hemp plant like a solvent. It soaks up all of the desired elements. This is a great process but expensive also. It requires specialist equipment to perform a supercritical extraction process because temperature and pressure have to be just right throughout.

CO2 Subcritical CBD Extraction: It relies on a lower temperature and less pressure to draw the components necessary to produce CBD from the hemp plant, which is perhaps why it is dubbed subcritical. Subcritical extraction takes longer than supercritical extraction because the CO2 is subjected to less pressure and heat. The desired components of the cannabis plant, however, are even more resistant to getting damaged at lower temperatures. Subcritical CBD ultimately yields a lower concentration of CBD. It also offers the plant an opportunity to produce more delicate oils and chemicals.

Benefits of consuming CBD oil made via the Co2 Extraction Process

1. Cleaner CO2 Extraction: You can always rely on supercritical CO2 extraction to separate cannabinoids and other components from cannabis plant material in a natural, clean manner. 

2. Extraction of CO2 Does Not Use Harmful Chemicals: Typically, people use CBD to promote internal wellness rather than harm it. The fact that CO2 extraction does not use hazardous chemicals, alcohol and only pure, unadulterated carbon dioxide in the extraction process is one of the main reasons CBD is so popular. 

Co2 Extraction Delivers a Pure Hemp Extract: Consumers seek product purity in the health, nutraceutical, and personal care sectors. Through the elimination of hazardous solvent residues and the reduction of undesirable chemicals in the final product, CO2 extraction technologies produce hemp extracts and CBD products that live up to purity promises.

Co2 is non-toxic making it environmentally friendlier than other solvents: You might be asking whether CO2 extraction is safe. No chemical solvent residue is left behind when carbon dioxide is recovered, gathered, and recycled for use in hemp extraction.

Which one is the best?

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a challenging method that has revolutionized the cannabis market. Why? Because it is unmatched at both separating and isolating cannabinoids like CBD and THC as well as less well-known phytocannabinoids. It's also great for identifying, comprehending, and using other cannabis constituents like terpenes and flavonoids. Other cannabinoids besides CBD are also preserved by the subcritical product, which may or may not be a good thing. 

Whereas in the Supercritical CO2 process, different cannabinoids may be destroyed due to heat degradation but it produces more cannabidiol and does so faster. Additionally, supercritical oil extraction eliminates impurities like bacteria, mold, and other nasties that might cause problems for persons whose immune systems are already weak.

So we saying

CBD must be extracted from plants in order to be used. While there are several ways to extract substances from the cannabis plant, CO2 extraction is among the most well-liked extraction processes. When it comes to extracting cannabinoids and other substances, it is superior. CO2 is already widely utilized in the manufacture of food and has received FDA approval. It is clean, effective, environmentally friendly, and safe for human consumption. Why don't all businesses employ CO2 extraction techniques? One is the expensive cost of the necessary equipment. Another issue is the size of this pricey apparatus. Another reason is that this pricey equipment is big and takes up a lot of room. However, those who make the investment will discover that the return is well worth the initial expense. Why? The purest, highest-quality extracts on the market are assured through CO2 extraction.