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Difference Between Delta 8 Thc And Cbd And What To Choose

With cannabis and CBD getting more coverage in the west, here in India, people are also getting more curious about their options and the possible health benefits of cannabis. Customers are interested in learning more about the many cannabis-derived products that are available for consumption...

2 2022 Dec 02
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5 Reasons To Choose our Organic Hemp Pollution Mask

Hempstrol's ideology to create products that serve a purpose motivated us towards creating the first Hemp-based pollution mask in the Indian Market. Saving yourself from hazardous pollution is the need of the hour and with Hempstrol you can protect yourself and our mother earth with style. ...
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5 Reasons To Choose our CBD Oil

Hempstrol is committed to serving our clients the highest-grade organic Hemp Extract in the Indian market. Our Hemp Extract is derived from hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant which has legal status in India. Here are 5 reasons why Hempstrol is India's premier online portal to get Hemp Extract. ...
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5 Reasons To Choose Hempstrol Hemp Aromatherapy Oils

Hempstrol is committed to serving our customers the highest-grade organic Hemp Seed Oil blends with Essential Oils. Our Hemp Seed Oil is derived from hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant which has legal status in India so no need to worry whether it is safe to use hemp seed oil or not. Hemp Seed Oil is a S...
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Hemp seed oil: Hyped or a potent product?

You must have noticed that Hemp oil is getting increasingly popular as a remedy for a range of conditions including joint pain, menstruation cramp, and skin issues. One study shows that minerals and nutrients present in hemp seed oil can contribute to better heart health, bone strength by reducing i...
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Hempstrol Quality Promise

Hempstrol is one of India's top tier Hemp companies. We aspire to augment the stature of the Hemp industry in India. Our vision dictates we bridge the gap between India and the United States concerning Hemp production. Hemp products in India are in dire need of sustainable development, and the Hemps...
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